Do you need a simple check for Radio Stream Online to see if a Shoutcast or Icecast radio stream is online or not, and show output on screen based on Realtime Monitor?
Can you afford for your Radio Station to be offline? Simple check to see if Shoutcast / Icecast radio is online. Your Radio must be online all the time, if there is a problem with your Radio Stream, you need to know about it straight away.
It is not so good If you have a radio station and you don’t have Live RealTime Monitor on your Radio Stream Link. It will help your colleague or fellow or presenters or listeners, no need to worry to be Online Always.

Is Radio Stream Online?

RadioForge helps to check if Radio Server Stream is Online or Offline?

Just Input your Radio Stream Link


Note: Make sure you have valid MP3 Radio HTTPS/SSL Stream

Shoutcast V1 (https://shoutcast-server-domain:port/)

Shoutcast V2 (https://shoutcast-server-domain:port/streamname)

Icecast (https://icecast-server-domain:port/streamname)

RadioForge also provide server for “Radio Monitoring & Silence Detection”.
RadioForge monitoring and alerts helps you before your listener contacts you like “Your radio stream is not working.”