Icecast Shoutcast Metadata

“HTML5 MP3 Radio FM Player” allows users to play radio stream with current playing song metadata, but some time player on Shared Hosting Server don’t allow Icecast / Shoutcast Server port to read shoutcast / icecast current playing song information.

Users on Share Web Host could not allow/open Radio Server port to web server firewall as outgoing port to read shoutcast / icecast current playing song information…

You can subscribe to our API get all Metadata for Icecast / Shoutcast Servers its $5 / month per stream

Icecast Shoutcast Metadata API

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Note: Please email your Radio Stream URL after subscribing Icecast Shoutcast Metadata API successfully. So, we can process your request & provide Icecast Shoutcast Metadata API embed code script.


* API provide current playing song Metadata for Icecast / Shoutcast in plain text format or JSON
* API is user key authentication based

We will provide you Icecast Shoutcast Metadata API details after you purchase this subscription…

API will work for Icecast, Shoutcast 1 and Shoutcast 2 Radio Server


shoutcast version 1

shoutcast version 2

You can stop this subscriptions any time if you don’t need …

Icecast Shoutcast Metadata API
Icecast Shoutcast Metadata provides a very simple API for retrieving current StreamTitle for Shoutcast and Icecast Streams. You can use the API by making a GET request

(Icecast Metadata)

(Shoutcast Metadata)

Arguments Detail
url – Radio Stream URL with server IP and port

API Response
The API response will be in plain text format or JSON.