Advent of Online Streaming

Listening to the radio is a time honored tradition that is, sadly, declining in recent years due to advent of online streaming. However, these two things are not mutually exclusive. Many apps now exist to livestream radio broadcasts alongside those that stream movies, TV, and podcasts. This is good news for those in the radio industry, as well as the broadcast industry as a whole. Since people are spending more time on the internet than with any other medium of internet, it’s only natural for many other industries to converge and meet their consumers’ changing needs. However, getting your content onto the internet is only step one, because marketing has also changed in the digital age.

Marketing on the internet, while a bit more complex, still follows the basic rules of any other form of marketing, so any marketing experience remains useful on the world wide web. Try to discern where your listeners are going to be and focus your attention there, as well. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are popular internet destinations, so advertisements on those sites are sure to be seen by a large audience. Links are an important facet of online advertising, as well. Any ad on the internet that isn’t a link to your website is pretty much dead in the water. Convenience is the name of the game on the “interwebs.”

It’s important to appear relatable, so you need to understand the changing cultural landscape, and that means understanding internet culture. The internet is a place of memes, for instance, so playing off of current memes, and never committing the faux pas of using an out of date meme, is a great way to connect with your audience. Presentation is as important as ever, so be sure to look your best when appearing in advertisements, or in any other official capacity, for that matter. Clothing outlets like Bloomingdale’s can help you cultivate a great look that inspires confidence and puts your best foot forward when representing your brand.