Listeners Statistics on GoogleMap

RadioForge HTML5 Player can keep track of Live Radio Listeners to plot on Google Map… It can allow you to plot IP addresses using the Google Maps API. can provide Listeners Statistics on GoogleMap using free IP geolocation databases … Read more

Icecast AAC Radio Player

HTML5 support AAC Streams using HTML5 Audio Tag, you can simply use below code for different devices or computer. Note: Icecast AAC Radio stream must be 44100hz & 128kb/s stereo to work perfectly in players. Androids <audio id=”radioaac” src=”” controls=”true” … Read more

Icecast Shoutcast Metadata

“HTML5 MP3 Radio FM Player” allows users to play radio stream with current playing song metadata, but some time player on Shared Hosting Server don’t allow Icecast / Shoutcast Server port to read shoutcast / icecast current playing song information. … Read more